Neurofeedback Practical course | 2 days

Neurofeedback Practical course | 2 days

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2-day training: putting theory into practice, getting hands-on training with the equipment and how to go about in coaching clients, etc. All under the guidance of a BCIA neurofeedback certified expert and Mind Media employees. 

Learning objectives

Participants learn how to place electrodes, recognize artifacts, analyze data, perform assessments and guide a client during neurofeedback training. Practice in small groups on work stations equipped with multimodal advanced neurofeedback systems. 


This course is for professionals with a BA/BS degree in a clinical healthcare field, like psychology or physical therapy.
Theoretical knowledge of neurofeedback is expected from participants. 
Therefore, this course is recommended after following e.g. an online didactic course. Therapists who would like to gain more confidence in applying neurofeedback are encouraged to attend.


Jeanine Jansen MSc, BCN


This workshop covers 2 hours of mentoring, 4 sessions of personal training, 4 sessions of clinician training and 1 case study for BCIA certification.


Roermond, the Netherlands


In 2023 we are offering 2 2-day courses in the Netherlands
The Neurofeedback hands-on courses are taught on Friday and Saturday

-  6 - 7 October 2023

The neurofeedback hands-on course, is planned in succession to our 2-day biofeedback hands-on course. If you are looking to practice with both types of therapy you are able to do so within the same week.