Heart Rate Variability Training – BCIA didactic training course | 2 days

Heart Rate Variability Training – BCIA didactic training course | 2 days

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This workshop is designed for therapists interested in utilizing HRVB in their practice. It will cover all 16 hours of the BCIA HRV Biofeedback Certificate of Completion Blueprint: anatomy and physiology of the heart, respiratory system and autonomic nervous system, heart rate variability (HRV), HRV instrumentation, HRV measurements, HRV biofeedback training strategies and HRV biofeedback applications. Theory is combined with practicing using HRV instrumentation.

This program offers the full requirements to apply for the BCIA HRV certificate: 16-hours of didactic training in HRV and an optional online exam.

Learning objectives

After completing this course the participant will be able to provide HRV biofeedback training as a clinical tool and as an optimal performance tool using the modalities heart rate and respiration.


Health care professionals, like psychologists and physical therapists, who want to add HRV biofeedback to their clinical practice and individuals with no specified clinical background who want to apply HRV biofeedback for optimal performance training..


Mrs. Drs. D.M. (Daniëlle) Matto, psychologist, biofeedback therapist BCIA-BCB


Biofeedback Workshops Europe & Stens Academy


Roermond, the Netherlands


Tuesday and Wednesday 13-14 June 2023