E-course| Biofeedback (Peak) Performance

E-course| Biofeedback (Peak) Performance

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During this E-course presented by Santiago Brand, BA, background information on stress response, trauma and the relationship to performance will be discussed. Next, different physiological measures in performance will be highlighted, to end with biofeedback on different physiological parameters (HRV, EMG, Temperature, GSR, respiration) and the integrative interventions for performance like HRV biofeedback. 


  • Learn how techniques such as biofeedback can be used in (peak) performance.
  • Understand how technology can help assess and pinpoint the neuronal and psychophysiological substrates of performance.
  • Learn why personalized and integrative interventions are better than one size-fits-all approaches.
  • Learn and understand how trauma and stress could be the hidden, often ignored foundations of performance hindrance.


1 hour and 45 minutes


Santiago Brand, BA, is a licensed psychologist in Bogotá, Colombia. He has 12 years of experience in clinical psychology and 14 years working in sport psychology. Santiago has trained athletes, CEOs, musicians, TV presenters as well worked with conditions such as ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, TBI.

He has also been working in the field of Brainspotting and trauma for 3 years and authored a chapter on the EEG and Brainspotting in the Book, “The power of Brainspotting: An International Anthology”.  

Last but not least, Santiago works as an international instructor and consultant having delivered lectures and trainings in the United States, The UK, Colombia, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala and Taiwan. Currently, he is a consultant for the Guatemalan Olympic Committee and the Bolivian Football (Soccer) Federation.


This course is accredited by BCIA to provide 1.5 hours of accredited continuing education toward BCIA recertification.


Upon purchase, the course material will be accessible for 14 days. Please make sure to complete all course material within this time frame.