E-Course| Alpha Theta Neurofeedback

E-Course| Alpha Theta Neurofeedback

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During this e-course background information on Alpha/Theta neurofeedback will be discussed. Starting with Dr. Joe Kamiya in the 50’s, alpha/theta neurofeedback has proved to be a powerful neurofeedback method for brain state regulation. This course will focus on operation of a specially redesigned Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback Interface in the BioTrace+ Software and will highlight its use as a primary tool in the clinician’s toolbox. Topics will include software functions, threshold settings, coaching the client and the art of progressively rewarding brain activity to the final goal of a deep “thalpha” state. Alpha/Theta brain training can be used for a wide range of psychophysiological problems and sports performance.


1 hour and 30 minutes


Mary L. Tracy, MA PhD MFT BCN, QEEG-D


This course is accredited by BCIA to provide 1.5 hours of accredited continuing education toward BCIA recertification.


Upon purchase, the course material will be accessible for 14 days. Please make sure to complete all course material within this time frame.