Extension Pass: Biofeedback Didactic E-course | ONLINE

Extension Pass: Biofeedback Didactic E-course | ONLINE

Normaler Preis
€113,05 EUR
€113,05 EUR
Normaler Preis
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The regular Biofeedback Didactic E-course (36h) | ONLINE offers students a 90 day access pass to the online learning environment. Within this time frame all course material must have been completed.
In order to obtain a certificate students must pass the Final Exam within this same time frame.

When a student is unable to finish the course, this 30-day Extension Pass can offer a solution.

Terms of use:

- The student has a valid course registration for the Biofeedback didactic E-course
- With the extension pass the enrollment of a student is extended by 30 days.
- The enrollment is extended for the time period in succession to the original enrollment (we offer no "gaps" in enrollment extension)
- Every student is allowed a maximum of 2 extensions (after 2 extensions are used, the course needs to be re-taken in full) 
-Note that the enrollment will only be extended after it has been verified that the terms above are met and payment has been received in full.